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Create Your Knowledge

Between so much confusion and this era of information it is easy to fall into a spiral of contrary data, things that do not fit with the observation and false importance all mixed with valuable information that perhaps it is necessary to have to go back to the beginning of your game to give RESET to your life and take flight. Lately I see so many courses, so much emphasis on learning, on teaching, on studying and so many people giving classes that the truth seems to be that we don't know anything and that the only way to learn is through those who try to sell us things and even from their authoritarian throne. Mind you, I am not criticizing those who share their knowledge kindly and I have benefited from great mentors in books and in real life who have helped me along the way with tried and true facts. And I'm also one of those who think you have to keep preparing yourself in life and never stop learning.

But there is a point I want to take and that is: what is more important than filling yourself with information you are given? And for me that which is superior to learning is to be able to evaluate the importance and veracity of the data you are receiving. The importance of one truth over another and also your own observation against the information to see if it is true for you. Because no one has the right to control what you should know or not, only you are the captain of your life and you decide to use your own perception and decide what is true and functional for you and what things are more important when you compare them with other things. Because otherwise we fall into an endless word soup and it's reflected in the non-existent products or the failures to achieve them.

So I just wanted to take a minute to capture something I think is important: give yourself that greatness that you control your life, and you are not anyone's subject but commander of your life. Never lose that. It doesn't matter where you come from, it matters your human quality and your ability to observe and decide based on your observation and obviously use what you know to help others with a genuine interest to help.

Because look, I see so many people who based on their own observation and persistence achieved great things. And even pioneers who, when there were no courses or information, created them. Or people who observed, asked, probed and achieved results. You can do it too. So if nothing they teach you makes sense or works for you... forget the books and OBSERVE, live life, create your data based on your observations and research, create your course for yourself and if it works, maybe someday you will share it. But don't let yourself be manipulated, and one of the biggest manipulations is MAKING YOU BELIEVE YOU DON'T KNOW. You do know, you are great, you are full of dreams, of culture, of intelligence, of infinite talents and potentials. So read, study, ask, share but be sure who you are learning from, and evaluate life and information for yourself. I write this because I don't like slavery in any of its shades, I like freedom, and only rules when they help you reach that freedom.

A short example of mine: I have always held music in a very high place in my mind and in my life. I have a lot of respect for it and I am very careful from whom I receive information about art and music. I go by my personal instinct and my "nose for the truth" because it's something I don't want to contaminate. It is like a precious diamond. If I didn't like a music teacher, I didn't let his attitude or false information affect me. I kept looking to learn from other musicians, from good people, hero people, wise people and joyful people. I decided to turn to the artists that I admire so much and just by listening to them I learn divine and continue to learn more details and things. I listen to those with whom I vibrate and with whom my feeling tells me that they know what they are talking about. I also sometimes fail in the attempt but I almost always hit the nail on the head in finding the right ones. And eventually, besides choosing great singers and adopting them as musical parents, I found a great teacher who really gave me true data and pushed me to better handle my instrument which is the VOICE. And it was an honor to be in a concert with literal living legends and at the end she came to congratulate me because I am her product and she gave me wings and really helped me grow as an artist. And I think all of that was a result of me being very conscious of whom I accepted or didn't accept information from, whether the information worked for me or not and also making the information my own and creating information along the way if it didn't exist because the practice itself and the good intention of doing things brings up knowledge that you already bring with you or helps you create it.

In conclusion, choose your mentors based on your own perception or it can fatally affect you by wasting time or money on something that does not help or even affect you. We are not victims, we are even good mentors to many. There is so much wisdom in the world and in oneself, let's not lose sight and choose our sources of information correctly. And let us also be our own mentors and when we need help let us look for good friends, those who give you real help and let us return that help with the greatest purity to others who need it because when we are no longer on this plane, I think we will take with us the richness of having genuinely helped and the help we received that made us richer in knowledge.

I love you all.

Thank you for reading me.



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