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Is Life hard or easy? How changing your point of view can lead to more satisfaction and achievement.

A reflection on the contradictory ideas we have about life.

The other day as I was going about my day, taking care of business and my attention was on production, etc. I suddenly had the idea that life was actually easy. In fact, a very wise friend of mine once told me that life is actually easy if you think about it. And as I was in ACTION that day, literally moving, I feel that just being able to move and make things happen puts you above your own thinking on a very high level of understanding. And I was realizing how easy life was. It was a matter of repeating simple things that would produce a certain effect or a real product. It wasn't this ball of confusion that I can't do anything about. It wasn't a bunch of complicated things that I had to do, it was just the simple things that were necessary.

But why does it feel so hard sometimes? In fact, I've heard many times throughout my life how hard life is, in plays, in conversations, in podcasts, in popular sayings. So how hard is it? Because there are so many problems we face as individuals, as humanity, as part of a group, so it wouldn't make so much sense to think that life is easy at first glance.

We are a product of our thoughts

So, listen, I'm just sharing what my reality is. This may or may not make sense to you, but I still want to share something. Basically I believe that if you think life is difficult, it will be. If you think life is hard, it will be. So we have to be careful about what we consider life to be. It's a deliberative thought about how you construct your existence. You are building your life and shaping it with every thought, past or present. Life is a simple decision. There is also the fact that we have old decisions that still affect us, but you can always CREATE your life NOW! Every moment is an opportunity to start over, do it again, try again. It doesn't have to be hard. It can be simple. As simple as doing what you are doing right now. Enjoy the present. So that IDEA is very powerful. It starts with a thought, as light as it is powerful as a lightning bolt that changes everything instantly.

Now there's another factor. It is that I get what I wish for and maybe if I find myself too bored with life being too simple, isn't there a possibility that I might decide to make it more complex just to have fun and show how capable and competent I am to solve all these complications? So this is a very personal thing, and there is something super duper important I want to state. Something that I've learned over the years and also pointed out to me by another wise friend. It is that level of complexity, difficulty, etc. that I CAN HAVE that I must decide for myself. What can I handle? What do I want to make life more interesting? Because, indeed, life is a game and yes, we share the playing field or arena, but we also have our own game and can choose what level of complexity is fun and cool for us. It's a very personal decision. So don't let anyone tell you how much you can handle. Be your own judge and yes, be inspired by the greatness and action levels of others, but choose for yourself how much you want to do, how complex you want to make your existence or how complicated you want your game to be. Don't concede that decision to anyone else. You are in control of your own creation, and your greatest creation is your own LIFE! So, is it easy or hard?

I think the essence of life is EASINESS! If that's even a word. But we decide how we conduct ourselves and how much fun it is for us. Even when life is "complicated" it comes down to simple actions we must do! So enjoy each one, observe the moment, the people, the creation. You are after all creating your existence, so have fun and paint a great picture. And remember, in the face of complexity, is there a part that you are deciding on a thought level? Could it be a bit of your creativity to enliven your life? If so, then enjoy the thrill of juggling things and making all that mess come together, work, do every little thing until you achieve the big GOAL. ¡¡¡¡Maybe it's making phone calls to get your potential customers to say yes to your product, maybe it's looking your best and going on a date with a potential romantic partner, maybe it's doing all the steps of a recipe to surprise a loved one or a friend, but whatever it is persist in those simple steps, enjoy the energy and the excitement because that's LIFE!!!!

Feel free to leave me your thoughts or questions in the comments below, I love reading you and feel nurtured by all the comments! I hope it helps make life more and more FUN!


Brenda Marie

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