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The End is a Beginning

Today while talking to a friend over coffee, catching up and enjoying each other's company naturally, something came up in the conversation that has been on my mind for a few days or weeks. It is that in order to create again, one must be willing to end cycles or destroy what does not contribute. I am not in favor of destruction and in fact I always want to create and find myself naturally initiating things or giving momentum to the new but something I have observed recently is that sometimes life is adjusting to the expansion you have asked the universe to conspire with you to achieve, and that will not happen unless there is some change and for change to occur there probably has to be something that has to come to an end.

I think this applies to relationships, conversations, jobs, life stages, etc. You have to open the door to progress and in order to do that there may be something that has to be destroyed. I'm not talking about being in favor of destruction or endings, but having to face them even though they are hard and uncomfortable in

order to grow. And also, always from the point of view of doing the greater good. Examining your life and seeing what represents survival and nurturing that and ending what doesn't contribute to greater survival.

I know I'm getting philosophical here, but from time to time we have to do that, because in a way it's our job to examine existence and understand it.

Okay, so basically what I mean is that maybe there's a difficult decision that needs to be made or something that needs to end like a bad relationship, a bad association, a bad habit, and so on. Even sometimes things happen that you don't want and it's almost as if life or others are deciding for you and there is no other choice. Well, examine what decision will affect more areas of life in a positive way

and make that decision even if it means losing something that is less important but at the time may seem impossible to give up. Maybe it could be sharing with different people who align with your purpose and have your vibe. It may be hard at first but in the long run it will give you freedom to be and revitalize your purpose.

And I want to make sure that this is not interpreted from the point of view of using it as an excuse to not take responsibility for something you need to do. In that other case, the only solution is to face it and do what you have to do and enjoy that hard work that will pay off. But more to the point, sometimes you have to destroy that comfort, that coziness in order to be more creative and active and in turn happy. Or maybe you have to end a toxic relationship with a friend because that person is covertly working to undermine your security and happiness due to personal frustration. Whatever it is, you have to be there, you have to observe for yourself and decide what the superlative good would be with who you are and what you have right now. And take the good and keep creating a better future.

So back to my point, there is a power in starting over because it forces you to BE, to be honest in your observation, to take action and to use all your skills, ones you didn't even remember you had or didn't know you had. It is the most rewarding thing to end cycles that need to end, to get back to action in life, to face the present and the future and even the past without fear because guess what? You CAN and will face it, be creative and find more POWER within yourself. It is in those difficult and uncomfortable moments when you can decide to stay in a loop being a victim of the situation or stand up and face LIFE. And I believe that life will push you if you don't get up and do something about it anyway. It could be a blessing in disguise, maybe your own thinking coming to life from the changes you've begged the universe for.

So, rule #1 Think beautiful thoughts, big goals, etc., rule #2 Get together with nice people, good people, people of your vibe, of your tribe for your business, friendship or family/love partnerships to keep your space and thoughts elevated and Rule #3 In the face of trouble always believe in yourself even when no one else does and stand up and change things. Because that is the route to POWER no matter the losses and endings accumulated along the way.

So thank you so much for reading a piece of my mind and I hope it helps in some way.


Brenda Marie


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