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Validate or Criticize?

There seems to be this idea that if you say the nice things you admire in a person, there's something wrong with that. I guess we have been betrayed so many times with those nice comments that we no longer believe in kindness.

I have always naturally liked to admire the good in others. It's innate in me and most of the time I have no filters, which is a blessing and a curse. Especially with the artists I collaborate with I enjoy their art and validate it when I see something good in them. To the point that the other day someone told me that I say that to everyone. And I felt surprised because I only say things when I feel them and think them. But whatever, that happened. And even though I don't agree, at that moment it kind of overruled my judgment or made me look wrong for validating what I thought was good, very good.

It seems like it's normal to criticize or at least not validate, it seems cool, it seems like you're a real friend if you go that route. And I get it, people want the truth, they don't want to be fooled. I don't either. But then again, isn't it better that we validate the good qualities in others? What if we focused on the good instead of the flaws? Isn't there more goodness than flaws in most of us? Aren't we made of dreams and goodness?

What I want to share here is that someone can be made to flourish by validating what is good in them. We can turn the culture around by focusing on the good. Perhaps the bad can be a small, insignificant flaw compared to the person's talent, good will and good deeds. At the end of the day, we all aspire to be better and to reach higher as human beings. So I take the good, I'm only going to take the good, from life and from people. I believe in people, there are so many beautiful people..... just like YOU!


Brenda Marie

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