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What If We Live To Be 150?

Recent events and conversations, as usual, have changed my perspective on health and longevity. Survival may increase, which is all well and good. I appreciate all the amazing scientists around the world who have integrity and a heart of gold. Your passion for truth can dissolve many problems. Thanks to you we are still alive and walking. Because of you people can see, people can get well.... So at this rate if we focus on the positive we can see that if we appreciate scientific advances we can make our bodies last longer.

And although there are some who work against this goal, surprisingly, well, we admire them as they have made us find awesome solutions.

I know I'm saying little but a lot at the same time, but I just want to keep it light. A talk about health, about survival, about time and about the possibility of changing our perspective on all those topics to have more freedom and be happier.

Trust your gut and back it up with observation. We can be tigers in this jungle. In fact we already are, there is no other choice. Face the truth. Face it head on. Face the facts. There are many options. The basis is to take care of yourself, use common sense. Eat vegetables, avoid refined carbohydrates, take natural supplements as much as possible versus medication whenever possible. Use the blessings of medicine to help you or others in acute situations, exercise, drink plenty of good quality water free of all the bad stuff we should be well informed about or just get natural spring water which is the best anyway. Let's use all this knowledge and more to live a good life, to have a healthy life.

But then the problem could be.... what if I never die? Ha ha ha ha.... We are going to have to create more games, change some old ideas, see more possibilities to make others also stronger, healthier, happier and prosperous.

I really wish that we create a situation where in this world everybody has many possibilities for health and wealth. I wish for balance on the planet. I wish for good wishes to come true, for new games to evolve, for new hopes to be born. After all, we are here to play, to win, to advance. So, let's be like tigers in front of the hunters and let's once again SURVIVE!

Brenda Marie


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