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What you send out affects others

In reflecting on your own power to create an effect around you, I have realized time and again that what you do creates an effect on others. The subtlest things, tone of voice, attitude, expressions, words, affect others. So does having integrity and setting a good example, even to those who seem to ignore you or not care. In the long run, you are leaving your footprint, your stamp, your mark for the future.

Today while waiting in line at a store. I saw this woman, who seemed cool but also a bit worried, introverted, etc. She was wondering if I was in line or not since I had strayed to the makeup section lol. I made a joke to her and she smiled. I didn't have to, but why not, isn't it better to be nice than

neutral? So I decided to communicate, as a lot of people are in their own cocoons lately and I have a feeling, as part of humanity, that we need to connect more, the old fashioned way. Now this doesn't mean I have to go around and befriend every person, but if it doesn't cost me anything to be nice why not?

So I recommended some of the makeup I had bought in the past and she decided to buy it and kind of lit up because someone was being nice to her. I realized she had a very pretty face and told her she should wear all that glitter during the holidays to highlight her beauty. She was even more glowing. I sensed in her face the weight of being overruled by society or whoever. And it was a kind of complicity of disagreeing with that and deciding to let herself be beautiful and amazing.

I know we shouldn't seek external validation or rely on it, but if we truly validate the good qualities we see in others, whether physical, mental or spiritual, I think we can bring calm to the environment and change our societies. And who knows... we could create a renaissance.

We should value all human beings for being there, for surviving, for moving forward, for building a home, a career, a business, for raising children, for helping animals, for helping others, in spite of everything... and the list goes on.... VALUE the good! It will multiply in front of you!

So I want to validate you for all the great things you have done and continue to do! Thank you for all you do to make this world go on and get better! I admire and appreciate you...!

Lots of love.


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