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I see songs everywhere

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I go through life with an inmense and very personal passion about art. I see songs in the eyes of the passers-by and hear the voice of their pain and their victories every single time. Sometimes I feel like it's my curse and blessing to be so unfiltered, unprotected and sensitive about what people think and feel but I think it can't be wrong to feel what's real. I've been mostly told to do the opposite by the mayority. But if you block it all out, if you disconnect from others, you're not facing life, you're running away from the truth. I have always kind of beat myself up for this and somehow went back and forth from both from theses ideas: "shutting off" or "feeling everything I can". I've always gone back to "feeling everything I can". Now I do it with the freedom that comes from knowing more about life and about yourself, almost like a child but with the experience. The more I know, the simpler life gets. The more I see, the more I live, the more I connect. I feel art in almost everything. I see art as an expression of reality, of what's going on and an opportunity to change by dreaming new realities. I believe in humanity and in the history we are creating as a culture with our day-to-day actions. In that sense, I think we're ART! Don't you too? In that sense I feel like a photographer of life through music. I say what I feel in me and in others. Why would I change that?

Brenda Marie San Juan,

Puerto Rico

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