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Merry Christmas!

Actualizado: 17 sept 2022

May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round.

Brenda Marie



It's been so intense lately I haven't had a chance to share some great things that have been happening recently. So here you go... This year I've traveled to many beautiful places to perform. The adventure includes Buffalo, Nashville, Colombia, Paris, Dusseldorf, Munich, Denmark, Stuttgart, New York City, Venezuela, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary and Orlando, Florida. Each place was so special to me and I feel very grateful and happy to be connected to old and new friends all over the planet. You are all so amazing!

Another great thing that just recently happened was that for the second time I had the opportunity to sing at a high security jail in Mexico City. This was just last sunday and for me it was an unbelievable experience again, only this time I had an even bigger crowd including family and children who were visiting the inmates. I really love and believe in the human being and each person no matter how lost or what has happened can pick up the pieces and start again. Thank to for this huge opportunity.

Parallel to all that, I've been preparing more music to share with you! So stay in touch for upcoming news!

See you soon!



Here is my new music video for my song THAT FIRE! Check it out and help me share it with your friends too!

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