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The Magic of 2017!

Actualizado: 17 sept 2022

This new year has started with sensational performances in Switzerland, Germany and Sonora (Mexico)! I wanted to share this magic with you! First, I leave you with an article from the press about the performance in Alamos, Sonora, along with several pictures and videos of my experiences last month.

Human rights, feminine commitment and much soul!

Press Article from RADIO SONORA

Brenda Marie transmits energy with her movements and with the way to connect with her musicians. She does so with the spectators.

Soul is her proposal. A native of Puerto Rico, Marie visits the Festival it's thirty-third edition, and delivers her talent in El Callejón del Templo, a nocturnal and traditional scene.

Eloquent, passionate, Brenda proposes: "We are going to generate heat in this alley", this is the first thing that the public hears, amongst the smoke and the violet lights that highlight the silhouette and blonde hair of the Puerto Rican.

The performance begins, as she commented at a press conference, with covers by influential artists such as "I heard it through the grapevine" by Marvin Gaye, "Respect" by Aretha Franklin, "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse and "Mercy" by Duffy.

The vocalist's message tonight is simple: "Respect everyone equally".

"When I first heard" Respect "from Aretha Franklin, I thought" who does not want to sing that? "Also as women we have so many emotions that we want to express. I feel that music meant a lot for human rights and for rights of women, specifically that song that demanded a little respect; that's why I like this music, because it's very honest," she explained.

The night continues, the music flows and the audience responds positively to Brenda's insistence to get closer to the stage and dance to the rhythm of soul.

The repertoire includes unreleased tracks from the singer as "Two lonely souls" and "Something hot", which inject more spark and originality to the concert, since it is seen that the audience likes what they listen.

In the final stretch of the concert, the artist intercepts "Chain of fools" by Aretha Franklin, "Mercedes Benz" and "Piece of my heart" by Janis Joplin, women with whom she identifies.

In the preamble to the closing, Brenda Marie states: "If I'm going to do a cover, I want it to be where I really can express myself, where I feel I have left my clothes, suddenly I've found things from Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, That are like they fit; music either fits or it doesn't! I try to make it natural for me, that I feel comfortable singing it and that my voice lends itself to that kind of sounds. "

And as a final point, Marie says goodbye with this sentence: "Long live freedom, live human rights and live the respect."

And so, she says goodbye to the public of the Magic Town of Alamos, whom he leaves with a broad smile.

Press Article by (Radio Sonora, 24 January 2017)

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