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BIOGRAPHY - (Versión Español - "Click" Aquí) Brenda Marie es una cantante internacional...


Brenda is unstoppable and continues to travel the entire planet with her music that reaches any soul and has no limits of language, culture or borders. 
In 2018 she releases her new video and single "Go4it!", A song of empowerment and strength in the style of Pop and Soul that distinguishes her, along with the video recorded in Milano, Italy. Her voice conquers audiences of Paris, Florida, Italy, Tel Aviv, The Caribbean, Washington, Puerto Rico, Budapest, Switzerland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Denmark, Sacramento, Rome, England, Mexico, Harlem, and more. She reaches the milestone of 200,000 fans on Facebook who follow her career and musical adventures around the world. 
In 2017 she continues to travel internationally while composing more songs and launches an original Rock Pop song GLADIATOR with the renowned Rock bassist (considered the best in the world in this genre), Billy Sheehan. Rap artist Chill EB also participates in this epic song and does a magnificent job. Her voice travels to new corners of the world: Los Angeles, England, Japan, Tampa, Paris, Denmark, Barcelona, ​​Budapest and Germany to name a few. Brendas Marie also gets a huge expansion on her Facebook fan page reaching 100,000 fans and more than a million views of her version of "Despacito" shared and admired by thousands of people.
2016 is the year where she launches the video and of Soul song ”Don’t Waste My Window" recorded live and produced in Mexico City. She also shares his first Pop single: "That Fire" produced by the Grammy winner, Ivan Barrera who has produced and collaborated with artists such as Franco De Vita, Yanni, among others.Touring all year round with stellar performances in 2016: Buffalo, Nashville, Paris, Bogota, Munich, Tampa, Dusseldorf, Copenhague, Caracas, Valencia, Stuttgart, NYC, Switzerland, Australia, Budapest, Mexico City, Orlando, Florida among other amazing places, Brenda Marie uses all that inspiration to fuel new songs. 
2015 was the year where Brenda broke more frontiers than ever before, starting the year in Mexico, then Florida (USA), later Puerto Rico, Stuttgart (Germany), New York, Toronto (Canada), Frankfurt (Germany), touching hearts with her original music and her unique Soul/Rock style to prove that her music and talent have no boundaries.
She closes the year in Taiwan where she captivated with her original soon-to-be-released songs, once again surprised by such an incredible response from the audience.
2014 was full of successes beginning with concerts in Cartagena, Colombia and several islands of the Caribbean where she performed for international audiences and later returned to Mexico City to focus on the creation and production of her original songs, songs which have evolved from her journey in all these places and her personal experiences in it, as well as continue performing live which is something she absolutely loves.
Brenda started 2013 performing with several artists in the Caribbean including the world-renowned bass player Billy Sheehan. This year she releases two original songs/videos “Something Hot” and “Two Lonely Souls” also penned by her, available on iTunes. She continued performing in many Caribbean islands as well as in the United States and also Moscow (Russia) where she did a benefit concert for In 2012, aside from traveling and performing, Brenda appeared in an acoustic performance on the Televisa program SusanAdiccion with Susana Zabaleta (famous singer/TV Personality from Mexico) in front of an amazed live audience as well as millions of viewers, many of which quickly called and wrote to get their copy of "Brenda’s Aguasblues live CD" and like her Facebook page. She concluded the year recording two original songs/videos at the historic “La Casa del Cine” (The Film House) with a team of top musicians and filmmakers in Mexico. The result was SOMETHING HOT and TWO LONELY SOULS.
2011 was a year with International Blues and Jazz festivals (Bonaire Regatta, Aruba Jazz Fest) as well as private performances in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. It was a year of changes for bigger platforms and audiences. She closes the year in a mini-tour in the USA, ending in Miami, Florida with a standing ovation!During all of 2010 Brenda was performing all year round in different venues in Mexico City at the same time she released her live CD at the Aguasblues Festival recorded in Aguascalientes, Mexico with her Blues band, Brenda and The Bassic Blues, as well as doing several performances in Cartagena, Colombia.
2009 was a wonderful year as she was invited to the Celebrity Centre Gala to sing with legends Chaka Khan, Stanley Clarke, Vinnie Collaiutta, Mark Isham among others. She delighted the audience with a great performance where uniting her latin flair to the sounds of Soul. This year, Brenda Marie also played several international venues including Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and Los Angeles, California in front of 5,000 people that gave her several standing ovations after watching her perform songs originally by Tina Turner, Christina Aguilera and Janis Joplin.Throughout her carreer, Brenda has participated in various TV shows in Mexico such as Los Mejores Musicos Punto Com, Reventon Musical, Jugueton, which are local prime time shows in MEXICO.
She has shared the stage in the same events with el TRI (Rock icon in Mexico), Javier Batiz (incredible guitar player, original Santana guitar teacher), Baby Batiz (great Rock and Blues singer), Eddie Santiago (famous international salsa singer) and more. Her experience includes seasons and performances at legendary locations in Mexico as Teatro Metropolitan, Teatro de la Ciudad, Aguasblues Festival, Mexican National Museum of Art, Hard Rock Cafe Mexico City, as well as some of the most upscale venues in the City where crowds have rocked out to her unique musical style, charisma and her VOICE. She was also, invited onstage by Chicago's Own and legendary Blues guitar player, Mr. Carlos Johnson in Mexico for a unique performance together.
Brenda began her career, unknowingly at the age of 8 approximately, singing at her local church in her hometown of San Juan, in the island of Puerto Rico. That’s where her love of music and art in general was born. In her spare time writing songs and playing creating artistic presentations to several relatives as the audience.
She continued to develop her talent in countless plays and concerts at her church from her childhood until she was 16 when she retires to prepare for a career in college which she graduated from Magna Cum Laude, to realize that her vocation was not being a doctor, lawyer or reporter but unequivocally ARTIST.

"No silence can overpower the voice of Brenda Marie" O.L.

“I hear an extension of your soul in every breath. That’s huge for an artist of such beauty. When talent and beauty coincide, life seems to remain at a standstill till the song ends.”
S. J. from Chicago
“You got the Rock and Roll vibes down to a fine art baby.”
M. B.
“Such a strong smooth vocal and your sense of timing is bang on. Top shelf for you with a big five.”
The Council
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