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New Year’s resolutions? Here is an interesting blog sharing some thoughts on the power of decision and focusing on the future.

All dreams are real. All dreams come true. We start 2023 with great enthusiasm, not focusing on the past, but only on the future and the freedom we have to continue creating the life we want.

The subject of goals can be tricky. We try and try to achieve things over and over again and sometimes we end up giving up on our hopes and dreams.

Somehow, we accumulate a lot of stress from trying to prove to ourselves and others that we can make our dreams come true, and also the pressure of all the losses of the past, of all the times we tried to achieve our goals and failed. There are so many losses and attacks we have received in the past that we become afraid to dream, we may even laugh at anyone who dares to dream, God forbid they dream big. And all this baggage of bad emotions that we carry increases the more we distrust ourselves and our ability to achieve, the more we move away from dreaming and towards "adapting" to "reality".

I believe we are capable of creating realities not just adapting which may come in handy in some cases but not with dreams. Dreams are untouchable and create new realities. The only thing you have to do is to rekindle that fire that someone or some others or circumstances or even you yourself have been dimming and even extinguishing.

You, right now you can dream again. I challenge you. I dare you to dream outside the box, outside the system. You are great, and your dreams have a chance of coming true if only you decide they are real. That is the only secret, if it is a secret. Maybe it's so easy and simple that we forget that we have that ability to cause things. For me, there is no secret, you have the magic wand. Please use it and use it to help many people. Although I know your dreams already include bringing beauty and happiness to the World as that is our nature. We are the good people, we are the champions, we are the gladiators, we are the dreamers, we are the believers, we are the creators of life.

So, listen giant, recognize your nature and stand up, smile, hope, dream, dance, create, sing again! You are free and you don't need permission to think independently and make things happen your way. Why not? Times are changing, we are freer, things are becoming more possible. We are also collectively bringing about beautiful progress.

Let's put aside the bad thoughts, let's ignore them. Wherever they come from, they have no place in your dreams, in your creative thinking. Put aside the negative. Focus on the positive, on the possible. In the end, all dreams come true.

That's why I get excited about the future, especially when I'm singing and dancing and in action, there is no past, it doesn't exist, there is almost no present as I only feel free to create the future when I'm creating artistically.

So one last thing, apart from dreaming, we have to remember to put an end to the cycles of the past that didn't happen. Don't stay in a loop. The way to win and persist even in those dreams is to create them again but in a new beginning. We are not in the past, it's gone. So remember to take advantage of this new beginning and create in the now, in the present towards the future. Put yourself into action by trying to achieve your dreams in the immediate future. It becomes exciting to the point where you don't care who does or doesn't believe in your vision, you are living it and materializing it! So get into the zone of your DREAMS and move into ACTION in the PRESENT. Dare!

Happy New Year 2023!

Brenda Marie

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Recent events and conversations, as usual, have changed my perspective on health and longevity. Survival may increase, which is all well and good. I appreciate all the amazing scientists around the world who have integrity and a heart of gold. Your passion for truth can dissolve many problems. Thanks to you we are still alive and walking. Because of you people can see, people can get well.... So at this rate if we focus on the positive we can see that if we appreciate scientific advances we can make our bodies last longer.

And although there are some who work against this goal, surprisingly, well, we admire them as they have made us find awesome solutions.

I know I'm saying little but a lot at the same time, but I just want to keep it light. A talk about health, about survival, about time and about the possibility of changing our perspective on all those topics to have more freedom and be happier.

Trust your gut and back it up with observation. We can be tigers in this jungle. In fact we already are, there is no other choice. Face the truth. Face it head on. Face the facts. There are many options. The basis is to take care of yourself, use common sense. Eat vegetables, avoid refined carbohydrates, take natural supplements as much as possible versus medication whenever possible. Use the blessings of medicine to help you or others in acute situations, exercise, drink plenty of good quality water free of all the bad stuff we should be well informed about or just get natural spring water which is the best anyway. Let's use all this knowledge and more to live a good life, to have a healthy life.

But then the problem could be.... what if I never die? Ha ha ha ha.... We are going to have to create more games, change some old ideas, see more possibilities to make others also stronger, healthier, happier and prosperous.

I really wish that we create a situation where in this world everybody has many possibilities for health and wealth. I wish for balance on the planet. I wish for good wishes to come true, for new games to evolve, for new hopes to be born. After all, we are here to play, to win, to advance. So, let's be like tigers in front of the hunters and let's once again SURVIVE!

Brenda Marie


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There seems to be this idea that if you say the nice things you admire in a person, there's something wrong with that. I guess we have been betrayed so many times with those nice comments that we no longer believe in kindness.

I have always naturally liked to admire the good in others. It's innate in me and most of the time I have no filters, which is a blessing and a curse. Especially with the artists I collaborate with I enjoy their art and validate it when I see something good in them. To the point that the other day someone told me that I say that to everyone. And I felt surprised because I only say things when I feel them and think them. But whatever, that happened. And even though I don't agree, at that moment it kind of overruled my judgment or made me look wrong for validating what I thought was good, very good.

It seems like it's normal to criticize or at least not validate, it seems cool, it seems like you're a real friend if you go that route. And I get it, people want the truth, they don't want to be fooled. I don't either. But then again, isn't it better that we validate the good qualities in others? What if we focused on the good instead of the flaws? Isn't there more goodness than flaws in most of us? Aren't we made of dreams and goodness?

What I want to share here is that someone can be made to flourish by validating what is good in them. We can turn the culture around by focusing on the good. Perhaps the bad can be a small, insignificant flaw compared to the person's talent, good will and good deeds. At the end of the day, we all aspire to be better and to reach higher as human beings. So I take the good, I'm only going to take the good, from life and from people. I believe in people, there are so many beautiful people..... just like YOU!


Brenda Marie

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