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Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I sing even if tired, smiling at the emptiness of life because once I taste the flavor of knowing my fate, there is no way I'll return . I want to enjoy myself creating my day to day. Nobody can take that away from me, no ... because I was always the author of my freedoms.

You are your happiness and your misery . You're the one that with a smile can cure an old pain and fix a broken soul; soothe anxiety and cause a cascade of dreams. Painter of dreams and lost dreams, why don't you rescue yourself and look for life even if you want to sleep ?

Nothing like a blank canvas and all the colors, nothing like the responsibility to take charge of creating the life you want . Nothing elevates like recapturing your goals and completing. Take this license to indulge in creating with joy the things that give the greatest happiness to you and everything you touch .

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