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Achieving our goals

New Year’s resolutions? Here is an interesting blog sharing some thoughts on the power of decision and focusing on the future.

All dreams are real. All dreams come true. We start 2023 with great enthusiasm, not focusing on the past, but only on the future and the freedom we have to continue creating the life we want.

The subject of goals can be tricky. We try and try to achieve things over and over again and sometimes we end up giving up on our hopes and dreams.

Somehow, we accumulate a lot of stress from trying to prove to ourselves and others that we can make our dreams come true, and also the pressure of all the losses of the past, of all the times we tried to achieve our goals and failed. There are so many losses and attacks we have received in the past that we become afraid to dream, we may even laugh at anyone who dares to dream, God forbid they dream big. And all this baggage of bad emotions that we carry increases the more we distrust ourselves and our ability to achieve, the more we move away from dreaming and towards "adapting" to "reality".

I believe we are capable of creating realities not just adapting which may come in handy in some cases but not with dreams. Dreams are untouchable