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Heart Notes: Reflections and My Mission

A Message from the Soul

Hey there, friends! How's it going? Hope all is wonderful for you.


After singing and reflecting late into the night, I am so happy to see the effects that music has and the joy it brings to people. Today, I want to share an idea that is very close to my heart: how important it is to do things with love.


No matter what you do, the essential thing is that whatever you do comes from your soul, that it is genuine and real. I firmly believe that this connects more than anything else. And always with the intention of having a positive impact, right?


Even when you are communicating any kind of emotion through music, through art... you can always bring it towards the positive, towards the constructive, towards something that helps. This is a fundamental part of my mission, and I wanted to leave it here.


Thank you for accompanying me on this musical and artistic journey. Let's keep creating and sharing from the heart.


With love,


Brenda Marie

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