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Happy Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month! VIVA VIVA VIVA!

Welcome back to my blog! I have been gone for a long time but I'm back and planning to write more for you!

If we haven't met before, my name is Brenda Marie and I am a singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico, the island of Enchantment. I travel the world sharing my music as I write more songs while stationed in Mexico or Puerto Rico or wherever inspiration catches me. I started this blog a few years ago sharing my experiences as a traveling artist and now it's time to continue sharing my journey with you. The truth is that sometimes I have so many things in my head that I don't know where to start but the point is to start! So here we go! Being a LATINA, I want to share some words about MEXICO and my HISPANIC HERITAGE.

San Juan, Puerto Rico at night.


Today is a special day as we celebrate the Independence of Mexico, a country that has always opened its arms to me and made me dream, learn and fly again as it has done for so many. There are no two like Mexico, that's why today we celebrate you with all your colors and passion. And to all my Mexican friends, VIVA MEXICO SEÑORES!

Mexico City, Paseo de la Reforma.

My Hispanic Heritage

At the same time this month in the United States we celebrate Hispanic Heritage. Many years ago I didn't understand the importance of it and now, having lived much longer I understand why we should celebrate our roots and be super proud of who we are and where we come from, it is an act of respect and paving the way for more equality. That being said, I am a proud LATINA, always fueled by the HOPE that our Latin American cultural heritage has instilled in us. We are a culture open to the world, full of colors, beauty, passion, dreams and above all CARIÑO (no translation available except something like LOVE).

So let's celebrate today our Mexican and Hispanic Heritage! What will you do today to celebrate?

With much love,

Brenda Marie

Go out, celebrate life, let the latin inside you go out and be free! Let me know in the comments. I read you. And before you go please Subscribe!

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