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At Eiffel Heights

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I'm so, so happy with many achievements and so much to share with you. I feel so alive and creative. Since the last time I wrote to you I've gone around the world to Germany, Japan, Miami, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Denmark, Paris and London. After intense months where as humanity we've experienced difficult times, we must be an example of strenth, love and help for a planet that needs it so badly. I send you a big hug from the incomparable Mexico City!


I'm about to release my new single and would love your opinion. Click below to listen to the three versions and tell us which one you like the most!


by Brenda Marie

I am the contrast with everything around me

And I had to come to París for life to remind me.

I am at this specific falling out of my soul

And I know I will survive but man, do I feel sad

Today, faces of heroes falling down like broken glass

make me detest hypocrisy so bad

Cuz maybe a little bit I had given into that

So now I've come back to the real self: an artiste

Feeling lonely and free at the same time

Feeling real with the rest

Putting my life to the very test

Oh! of having no idea what to do next.

Some others come instructing what turn I should take next

Some things click, some things I now have powerfully ignored

So I am a the conclusion of always risking the solution

Now I'm out of the confusion, such a lovely revolution

No, I'm not feeling delusional

I'm taking myself back again.

I'm going back to the basic me that I've missed

I'm promising never to fake it, not even a little, to others or me.

I get back to my transparency

For that's the hat of the artiste

& The baggage I must carry

The eyes are clear and I am TRUE

I had to come to París for life to render the picture

that I am in a contest with liers, lies...

but sorry, my only road is TRUTH.

©2017 All Rights Reserved


This is a recent interview with David Carus! So much FUN! Click on the photo to listen.

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