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Have the courage to follow your dreams

I have always thought and continue to think that you must be honest with yourself and follow what is your truth, your dreams, your happy place. It's hard not to care about what others think or say, but the only effective way is to continue in spite of it, because the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. Of course, it is good to have a good reputation and so on, but that will come if you continue on your way even in difficult times. Always remembering, what will make my life a life well lived, which translates for me into how many living people and things I helped improve through my chosen path. How much mental and spiritual growth did I have? How big was I willing to play by my own standards? Sometimes we must stop and look before we continue the journey to make it a conscious one, a purposeful one. Again, by your own standards. You are the creator of your own goals, ideas, life, world views, decisions...please don't let others keep you from what makes you happy even if you fail and seem to be wrong. You're not wrong, you just have to take a moment and try again, do it again... maybe this time everything will line up. I decided a long time ago that failure is a made up idea that we bought into. But the truth is, you decide whether you call it failure or you just keep going and do better. You deserve to stay true to you and achieve your goals. If you don't succeed, just CONTINUE! Discipline will bring you great satisfaction and bring you closer to your DREAMS.

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